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About Us

NextSoft Data is a software company focused on innovating the present using tomorrow’s technology.

We are a team of creative software developers and engineers that are dedicated to building high quality software solutions in the Productivity, Education, Medical and Entertainment fields.  Driven by our “Next.Now” motto, we design, develop, build and deliver software in the form of iOS Mobile Apps, Android Mobile Apps, Games for mobile devices and websites.

What we do

We design, develop, build, manage and publish mobile Apps and Games that are available on AppStore/Google Play Store and we create professional websites.

iOS Apps

We develop iOS Apps. “Next.now” is a guarantee for innovative iOS apps that provide excelent quality through an exceptional user experience, enriched by stunning graphics. NextSoft Data’s best ideas and concepts were incorporated and transformed into mobile applications that are designed for iPhone and iPad and are available on Apple Store. Our approach for the growing market of iOS apps is to deeply understand and analyze an ideea from the techical perspective and business objective point of view and merge the resulting concept with the perfect execution condition.

Android Apps

We develop Android Apps. Our objective is to provide superior class applications that are scalable in order to match the impressive number of Android devices that are ready to use our Android apps and that are also adaptable to the plentitude of hardware platforms that are running the Android operating system. The knowledge of mobile technology allows us to deliver Android apps that are not only brilliant as concept but are also powerful.

Mobile Games

We create mobile games. Our focus is the creation of mobile games that offer an engaging experience while providing extraordinary graphics. The philosophy guiding us is that amazing mobile games will create excitement and memorable experiences.


We design websites. As a trusted custom web solution provider we develop professional websites that integrate powerful state-of-the art technologies in a creative design that assures the user engagement. We design, build and optimize growing eCommerce solutions, reliable content management systems and powerful SaaS platforms.

Next.Now - Every idea is beautifully crafted into an excellently designed product.

The process of developing software is different at NextSoft Data as we always pick the best project to build next, Our key to providing high quality software solutions is the develop-build-test-feedback-repeat approach and the constant seek for innovation that provides our customers with enhanced future technologies embedded right now into their applications and websites.

What's new

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