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“Intre Timp” App

“Intre Timp” App on Android, a complex articles aggregator that displays relevant information from several niche websites and from the administrator’s own information channel while providing a plenitude of options to filter, save and translate the articles.

Citing Mr. Ioan-Tanase Chis (https://www.parohiasfantuldaniel.ro/): “Something always happens and people want to know what! This is how I would summarize, in a way that I consider valid, the information thirst of modern man. A need that has created around it an industry with all the ingredients; Finally … it created a post-truth era. The need remains, the behavior changes; stop looking for what has already found you. If information conditions mental health, faith even more so; and hence the connection between the two. The “Intre Timp” application works as a news aggregator, with topics mainly from the Orthodox world and, in general, from the Christian world. I felt it as a necessity in the middle of a climate imbued with confusion, with adherence to ill-will and, I say it without malice, even ignorance. The user can choose from the palette of sites included in the “Watch” menu. The “News” section delivers news according to active sources, with a predetermined recurrence in the software architecture. Many of the news are not written in Romanian but the user can choose to translate them by simply pressing a button and can save their favorite articles. The logo is an 11th-century Byzantine processional cross in the custody of the Art Museum of Cleveland, USA, on a raw green background. The title of the application (Intre Timp / Meanwhile), beyond its sonority appropriate to the project, contains a theological component that brings us to the perspective of assuming every day as an antechamber of eternity. What happens “Intre Timp / Meanwhile” implies a stake in eternity. The Christian lives between Time and Eternity, under a sky that opens and gives him eternal autonomy. That is why the stated purpose subscribes to the sentence: News for Information and Meaning.”

The Android app is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded using the link below:


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